There was a dealer known as Hari in UN agency carried merchandise, to and from far-flung places. Luck smiled on him and he grew made. Day by day his wealth is increasing. no matter he touched became gold. His ships reached their destinations safely with no issues within the seas. His merchandise was oversubscribed at the best costs. He attained more cash than he may pay.

One day, one in every of Hari’s friends asked him,

“How did you get such a lot of wealth and money?”

He replied, “It was all as a result of the right judgment, skill in this particular profession”. “I knew specifically wherever to take a position within the right time,” he added.

As he's a dealer one fine day he invests all his cash in new businesses. But, this point he failed to succeed. it was as a result of his wrong judgment. one in each of his ships was destroyed on high seas. His merchandise failed to sell as a result of the amendment in fashion. He lost all the wealth and cash he had!

The same friend asked the dealer, “How did you lose all of your wealth and money?”

Now, he replied “It is as a result of bad luck ” he answered, sadly.

Moral of the story :
We should not blame luck for our failure, if we do not thank it for our success.

There was a baby owl as it is small we call it as an owlet that lived in an old oak tree. Daily she saw incidents happening around her. Last night she saw a boy helping his father to carry a heavy suitcase. Today she saw a little girl crying for toys. The more he saw the less he spoke.

As she spoke less, she heard more. She heard people talking and different telling stories. She heard a woman saying that life is too hard to live without money. She also heard a man saying that he had never made a mistake.

As days pass by it become old, she had seen and heard about what happened to people. Some became better and some became worse. But the old owl had become wiser day by day.

Moral of the story :
You should be observant, talk less but listen more. This will make you a wise person.

Harsha was a cheeky little boy. He liked to tease people especially little girls.

One day, he went to the park with his friend. He found a very cute little girl, as he has a habit of teasing so he tried to kiss her. The girl cried and very loudly because she did not like Harsha.

Then, his friends came to the place and saw Harsha chasing after the girl. They shouted and laughed loudly at Harsha. Harsha stopped chasing the little girl and ran away feeling embarrassed. After that Harsha hesitated to play with his close friends because he remembered his embarrassment that he faced in front of his friends. This incident prohibited him from chasing girls after that.

Moral of the story :
Being cheeky and naughty has its limits. Behave yourself so that you do not cause problems to others.
boy and girl